Group invasion of SIAM NS15

Our research group has descended upon the SIAM NS15 workshop on Network Science, co-located this year with the dynamical systems meeting at Snowbird, outside Salt Lake City. Held over two days, this year’s Network Science workshop includes 21 single-track contributed talks selected through a competitive process and 27 posters across two sessions, including 3 talks and 3 posters from our research group. (Full disclosure: Mucha was on the organizing committee for the workshop, but had no say in the selection of any of our group work.)

Postdoctoral associate Dane Taylor is speaking on “Contagions for Topological Data Analysis of Networks,” in collaboration with Florian Klimm, Heather Harrington, Miroslav Kramar, Konstantin Mischaikow, Mason Porter, and Peter Mucha.

Graduate student Sam Heroy is presenting his work on “Network Representations of Mechanical Percolation,” in collaboration with Taylor, group alumnus Feng “Bill” Shi, Greg Forest, and Mucha.

Graduate student Hsuan-Wei “Wayne” Lee is speaking on “Social Clustering in Epidemic Spread on Coevolving Networks,” in collaboration with postdoctoral associate Nishant Malik, Shi, and Mucha.

Presenting posters about their research are graduate student Alexis Sparko, postdoctoral associate Saray Shai, and Malik (describing recent work of his with undergraduate student David Spencer).

Meanwhile, postdoctoral associates Malik, Shai & Taylor will each also be busy presenting and organizing minisymposia at the dynamical systems meeting later in the week.

Congratulations to all for so strongly representing the research group!


Group members Saray Shai, Alexis Sparko and Sam Heroy pose in a photo designed to make very hungry the group members who didn’t make the trip to the workshop.

Nishant Malik presents at DNAC

2014-10-20 12.44.04Postdoctoral associate Nishant Malik gave a wonderful presentation in today’s seminar at the Duke Network Analysis Center on Social environment and social clustering in spread of opinions in co-evolving networks, nicely summarizing one of his paper’s published last year along with new work that is currently in preparation in collaboration with former graduate student Bill Shi and current student Wayne Lee.




SIAM Workshop on Network Science

The second SIAM Workshop on Network Science (NS14) this week included a strong presence from our group.

The newest member of the group, postdoctoral associate Dr. Saray Shai, kicked off the two-day meeting with a talk about her previous work on “Multiplex cities: the interplay between coupled transportation networks.”

Dr. Feng “Bill” Shi (postdoctoral associate at U. Chicago) gave a presentation on “Coevolution of network dynamics and structures,” including his published work from his Carolina graduate work and new extensions that have continued in collaboration with our group.

Postdoctoral associate Dr. Dane Taylor presented a poster on “Optimal synchronization of complex networks.”

Congratulations Dr. Simi Wang

IMG 7513 Congratulations to Dr. Simi Wang for successfully defending her Ph.D. on “Modeling Networks in Nanorod Composites and Power Grids” last month. In her work, she worked collaboratively with her fellow student Feng “Bill” Shi to model linear electrical responses in nano rod composites, and she took that work in a new direction by studying the dielectric response and nonlinear breakdown for systems at rod volume fractions below the percolation transition. Her work also includes applications of network methods for studying the sensitivity of power grids, in joint work with collaborators at PNNL.

Simi leaves Carolina for Seattle to start an exciting job at Amazon, where she interned last summer.

Simi and Bill walked together at today’s doctoral hooding ceremony (Bill finished his degree last summer too late to walk in last year’s ceremony). The two of them have been so central to our research group for so long that it won’t feel the same without them. I am very proud of both of them and look forward to hearing about their future activities and accomplishments.

Presentations at Network Frontier Workshop

Postdoctoral associate Dr. Dane Taylor, former graduate student Dr. Feng Shi, and Mucha all participated at the Network Frontier Workshop held this week at the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems.

  • Mucha’s invited talk was titled “Time-Dependent Generalizations of Hub and Authority Scores”.
  • Taylor contributed a talk titled “Dynamics in Hybrid Complex Systems of Switches and Oscillators”.
  • Shi presented a poster, “Hypergraph Representations of the Social World,” about some of his recent work as part of the Metaknowledge Network.

Thank you to the organizers for putting on a very enjoyable workshop.

Congratulations to Dr. Feng Shi

Grad_ShiCongratulations to Feng “Bill” Shi for successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation, titled “Modeling Networks and Dynamics in Complex Systems.” In his work, Bill investigated a pair of interesting and challenging problems: large-scale resistor networks for modeling electrical responses in nanorod composites, and models of opinion formation in co-evolving voter model networks.

Bill is pictured here (right) walking the “faculty gauntlet” at our department’s graduation recognition ceremony.

Bill leaves us to start a postdoctoral associate position working with James Evans at the University of Chicago (see “Computational center will study the past and future of knowledge“).