Eun Lee’s work covered in Ars Technica

A hearty congratulations to postdoctoral associate Dr. Eun Lee both for her paper on social perception bias published last year in Nature Human Behaviour and for the recent coverage of that paper in Ars Technica. Well done Eun!

MURI Annual Review 2019

As noted when it was awarded, I’m exceptionally excited to be part of the ARO MURI project “Multiscale integration of neural, social, and network theory to understand and predict transitions from illness to wellness” with Emily Falk and Dani Bassett at Penn and Kevin Ochsner at Columbia.

Here at UNC, this grant now partially supports the work of all three current postdoctoral associates in the lab: Zach Boyd, Eun Lee and Emma Smith. The four of us just got back from a our annual review in Philadelphia. It’s a pleasure and honor to work with all of these awesome people from the four labs. We have a bunch of great work to publish soon!

In case it isn’t obvious to all readers: Kevin and I are the two nearly-identical hairstyles in the back row in the center, with Dani and Emily standing in front of us. Zach is just to my left in front of me. Emma and then Eun are immediately on Dani’s right.

Graduation Day 2016

Congratulations to all of the graduates who particpated in yesterday’s ceremonies here at Carolina. From our research group, Charlie Ramsey and Jessica Davis both graduated with their B.S. degrees yesterday, while Hsuan-Wei “Wayne” Lee was recognized as he nears the completion date of his Ph.D. (with final defense expected this Summer).

2016-05-08 13.58.53 HDR

Charlie and Jessica, it’s been a pleasure to have you in the group over this past year. Best wishes to both of you in your future endeavors.

And Wayne, it’s been a pleasure too; but we’ll save the final congratulations until you finish! (smile)

Group invasion of SIAM NS15

Our research group has descended upon the SIAM NS15 workshop on Network Science, co-located this year with the dynamical systems meeting at Snowbird, outside Salt Lake City. Held over two days, this year’s Network Science workshop includes 21 single-track contributed talks selected through a competitive process and 27 posters across two sessions, including 3 talks and 3 posters from our research group. (Full disclosure: Mucha was on the organizing committee for the workshop, but had no say in the selection of any of our group work.)

Postdoctoral associate Dane Taylor is speaking on “Contagions for Topological Data Analysis of Networks,” in collaboration with Florian Klimm, Heather Harrington, Miroslav Kramar, Konstantin Mischaikow, Mason Porter, and Peter Mucha.

Graduate student Sam Heroy is presenting his work on “Network Representations of Mechanical Percolation,” in collaboration with Taylor, group alumnus Feng “Bill” Shi, Greg Forest, and Mucha.

Graduate student Hsuan-Wei “Wayne” Lee is speaking on “Social Clustering in Epidemic Spread on Coevolving Networks,” in collaboration with postdoctoral associate Nishant Malik, Shi, and Mucha.

Presenting posters about their research are graduate student Alexis Sparko, postdoctoral associate Saray Shai, and Malik (describing recent work of his with undergraduate student David Spencer).

Meanwhile, postdoctoral associates Malik, Shai & Taylor will each also be busy presenting and organizing minisymposia at the dynamical systems meeting later in the week.

Congratulations to all for so strongly representing the research group!


Group members Saray Shai, Alexis Sparko and Sam Heroy pose in a photo designed to make very hungry the group members who didn’t make the trip to the workshop.

Nishant Malik presents at DNAC

2014-10-20 12.44.04Postdoctoral associate Nishant Malik gave a wonderful presentation in today’s seminar at the Duke Network Analysis Center on Social environment and social clustering in spread of opinions in co-evolving networks, nicely summarizing one of his paper’s published last year along with new work that is currently in preparation in collaboration with former graduate student Bill Shi and current student Wayne Lee.