Much of our networks research involves developing new methodologies and analyzing particular data sets. As such, most of our computations is done with custom scripts and functions. Where appropriate, we do develop occasional software packages where comparable tools for general use do not previously exist. As a rule, please be aware that we are not software engineers and our software releases can be only slightly more user friendly than in-house custom scripts. Nevertheless, we are generally eager to help others use these codes, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions in using them.

CHAMP package: Convex Hull of Admissible Modularity Partitions in Python and MATLAB, W. H. Weir, R. Gibson and P. J. Mucha, (2017).
A generalized Louvain method for community detection implemented in MATLAB, L. G. S. Jeub, M. Bazzi, I. S. Jutla and P. J. Mucha, (2011-2017).
Brief description of the code and its development: (pdf)