webswirl1My graduate, postdoctoral, and early faculty research included study of the fluid dynamics of solid particles suspended in fluids (liquids or gases), with special interest in phenomena at small Reynolds numbers, that is, small, slow, or highly viscous flows. Part of this work was aimed at understanding fluctuations in sedimentation, visualized as swirls in the image on the left, the underlying density and velocity fluctuations of which are important to characterize properly for accurate modeling of the macroscopic transport of the sedimenting particles. While I still occasionally work on problems in fluid dynamics, these research investigations have led me to a broader interest in simulation of microscopic and macroscopic models of various interacting particle systems, especially where they have direct applications to the physical, biological, or social sciences (as described elsewhere on this site). The main thematic goal throughout all of my research is to find simplified or reduced models and simulations to determine the properties or make meaningful visualizations of various systems and phenomena.

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