PANNG minisymposium for SIAM MDS20

A big thank you to Dane Taylor for leading the organization of yesterday’s minisymposium on Pattern Analysis for Networks and Network Generalizations, held as part of the extended virtual talk schedule of the SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Data Science (MDS20). I greatly enjoyed being part of this minisymposium with Dane, Austin Benson, and Tanya Berger-Wolf, and was thrilled to see we had an audience of over 40 participants with us live during the event. It was wonderful to “see” everyone, and I look forward to an opportunity to see some of you in person in the hopefully not too distant future.

Both of the software packages I talked about in my talk are available on GitHub and by pip install: CHAMP (with Weir and Gibson) and ModularityPruning (by Gibson). The paper detailing the method implemented in the ModularityPruning package is in preparation. Feel free to reach out if you’re using either of these packages. We’d love to help and to see these packages get used by a wider audience.

Threshold Networks Conference in Nottingham

A big thank you to the organizers of the Threshold Networks conference at University of Nottingham. It was a great conference full of interesting talks and engaging conversations. I was honored to be invited and to get to be the kickoff speaker on the first day after the tutorials. And I’m also happy to have Des Higham make fun of me for some of my particular choices in my presentation.

(It’s a network science joke. But, hey, if the trophy had been there on site and I hadn’t done this, I’d probably be kicking myself. And in case you were wondering, @MuchaPeter is not me.)


Network Frontier Workshop presentation now online

With continued thanks to the organizers of the Network Frontier Workshop, I am happy to see that they’ve put this year’s talks online.

Mucha presents at the Network Frontier Workshop

A big thank you to Adilson Motter and the whole team of people at Northwestern for continuing their Network Frontier Workshop series. While it would have been nice to see everyone in person like in past years, the online virtual format worked well. Congratulations to the organizers for working well through the technical details. I greatly enjoyed the talks and was honored to participate again.

Group descends on Data Institute SF Annual Conference

Congratulations to all involved in the Data Institute SF Annual Conference, with a big thank you to conference chair James Wilson for giving us the opportunity to talk networks in this wonderful venue.

We had a phenomenal showing in our Networks track, across four sessions chaired by Mucha, including 15 speakers. In addition to Networks track talks by Mucha (chair’s prerogative) and group alumnus Dane Taylor, PhD student Natalie Stanley talked in a session on Machine Learning Applications, and PhD students Sam Heroy and William Weir both gave posters.

Thank you to all of the speakers (pictured below) who joined us for our Networks track. It was an honor to have such an amazing cast in our track!


Dane Taylor in SIAM News Blog

Congratulations to postdoctoral associate Dane Taylor for the recent profile on him in the SIAM News Blog.

Dane was in Atlanta for the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, where he presented at a minisymposium on Modeling and Computational Methods in Network Science and Applications. Dane’s talk brought together different elements of our work on detectability of communities in multilayer network data, including these two papers coauthored with Natalie Stanley and Saray Shai, along with more recent work with Rajmonda Caceres.

Congratulations to Dane for this great coverage of his work!

Granell and Shai at NetSci-X

Congratulations to postdoctoral associates Clara Granell and Saray Shai for both getting selected to give contributed presentations at this week’s NetSci-X conference in Tel Aviv.

Clara discussed some of our recent work on “Epidemic spreading in localized envrionments with recurrent mobility patterns” while Saray presented on “Warping the urban space: geometry and dimensionality of urban transportation systems.”

Amusingly, they somehow managed to get assigned the same speaking time in parallel sessions. Thanks to Jesus Gomez-Gardeñes and Daniel Goldsmith for posting these pictures of Clara and Saray.


Natalie Stanley presents SIAM Student Paper Prize talk

As announced previously, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Ph.D. candidate Natalie Stanley is one of the winners of this year’s SIAM Student Paper Prize. She and her fellow winners were officially presented with their awards earlier this week at the SIAM Annual Meeting in Boston. Today, their recognition continued in a special minisymposium at the meeting, where they presented talks about their winning papers.

Congratulations to Natalie on this honor and on giving a wonderful talk.

Mucha, Shai & Taylor present at MBI workshop

A big thank you to all of the organizers of this week’s workshop at MBI on Generalized Network Structures & Dynamics. It was a pleasure to interact with so many colleagues and friends. And we’re grateful that we had the opportunity to present three different presentations. Mucha opened the workshop with an overview talk on “Communities in Multilayer Networks.” Dr. Saray Shai spoke on “Generalized network representations of multimodel transportation systems.” And Dr. Dane Taylor presented our work on “Contagion maps for examining spreading processes on networks.”

Photo credits go to Saray, with apologies that it means we don’t have any photos of her giving her talk!



Triangle Area Graduate Math Conference

Thanks greatly to the organizers of this year’s Triangle Area Graduate Math Conference, held at NC State. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to give the plenary lecture and hear the research presentations of multiple graduate students.