Available Positions

Our research group includes postdoctoral associates, graduate students, and undergraduate research students. We also collaborate closely with a wide variety of other research groups. We are always interested in talking about interesting new projects and collaborations.

Postdoctoral Associates:  We frequently have positions open for postdoctoral associates, usually in some area of structures and dynamics in networks. When such positions are open, previous research experience in the study of networks is required, with preference given to candidates with demonstrated expertise in clustering, community detection, modeling infections, information spread, and/or networked dynamical systems. Prospective candidates with such previous experience are encouraged to inquire.

Graduate Students:  In addition to working directly with students in the graduate programs in Mathematics and in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, students in other local graduate programs who think a collaboration might be productive are encouraged to contact me.

Undergraduate Researchers:  Undergraduates have long played a critically important role in our research group, including many publications with undergraduate coauthors and, in many cases, undergraduate first authors. Interested undergraduates who want to query me about possible positions should include a full list of their courses (with grades), information about their mathematical and computational skills, and a statement about why they are interested in a research position in our group.