PANNG minisymposium for SIAM MDS20

A big thank you to Dane Taylor for leading the organization of yesterday’s minisymposium on Pattern Analysis for Networks and Network Generalizations, held as part of the extended virtual talk schedule of the SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Data Science (MDS20). I greatly enjoyed being part of this minisymposium with Dane, Austin Benson, and Tanya Berger-Wolf, and was thrilled to see we had an audience of over 40 participants with us live during the event. It was wonderful to “see” everyone, and I look forward to an opportunity to see some of you in person in the hopefully not too distant future.

Both of the software packages I talked about in my talk are available on GitHub and by pip install: CHAMP (with Weir and Gibson) and ModularityPruning (by Gibson). The paper detailing the method implemented in the ModularityPruning package is in preparation. Feel free to reach out if you’re using either of these packages. We’d love to help and to see these packages get used by a wider audience.