MURI Annual Review 2019

As noted when it was awarded, I’m exceptionally excited to be part of the ARO MURI project “Multiscale integration of neural, social, and network theory to understand and predict transitions from illness to wellness” with Emily Falk and Dani Bassett at Penn and Kevin Ochsner at Columbia.

Here at UNC, this grant now partially supports the work of all three current postdoctoral associates in the lab: Zach Boyd, Eun Lee and Emma Smith. The four of us just got back from a our annual review in Philadelphia. It’s a pleasure and honor to work with all of these awesome people from the four labs. We have a bunch of great work to publish soon!

In case it isn’t obvious to all readers: Kevin and I are the two nearly-identical hairstyles in the back row in the center, with Dani and Emily standing in front of us. Zach is just to my left in front of me. Emma and then Eun are immediately on Dani’s right.