SIAM Workshop on Network Science

The second SIAM Workshop on Network Science (NS14) this week included a strong presence from our group.

The newest member of the group, postdoctoral associate Dr. Saray Shai, kicked off the two-day meeting with a talk about her previous work on “Multiplex cities: the interplay between coupled transportation networks.”

Dr. Feng “Bill” Shi (postdoctoral associate at U. Chicago) gave a presentation on “Coevolution of network dynamics and structures,” including his published work from his Carolina graduate work and new extensions that have continued in collaboration with our group.

Postdoctoral associate Dr. Dane Taylor presented a poster on “Optimal synchronization of complex networks.”

Malik and Taylor at NetSci 2014

Postdoctoral associates Dr. Nishant Malik and Dr. Dane Taylor both participated in this week’s greater NetSci conference activities.

On Monday, June 2nd, Dane presented his work on “Causal network inference by optimal causation entropy” in the NetSci satellite Statistical Inference for Network Models.

On Tuesday, June 3rd, Nishant presented on “Social environment and social clustering in collective opinion formation on co-evolving networks” in the NetSci satellite Information, Self-organization and Synchronization on Complex Networks (ISODS). This satellite was co-organized by Dane Taylor, along with Jie Sun and Sebastian Skardal.

Then on Thursday, June 5th, Dane presented on “Complex contagion on noisy geometric networks” in a NetSci parallel session on Spreading Processes.

Mucha and Taylor at SAMSI CMSS transition workshop

The SAMSI program year on Computational Methods in Social Sciences comes to a close this week with a Transition Workshop, co-organized by Mucha. As part of this workshop, postdoctoral associate Dr. Dane Taylor presented his work on “Complex contagion on noisy geometric networks.”

Taylor presents poster at IMA

Postdoctoral associate Dr. Dane Taylor presented a poster on “Complex Contagion on Noisy Geometric Networks” at the Topology and Geometry of Networks and Discrete Metric Spaces workshop at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications.

Mucha and Henderson present at OSSD 2014

OSSD2014Mucha presents today at the annual meeting of the Organization for the Study of Sex Differences in a joint presentation with Jeffrey P. Henderson of Washington University. The presentation, titled “Virulence Network Detection in a Mixed Male and Female Urinary Tract Infection Population,” describes recent work using biclustering of data and community detection of network representations to uncover clusters within this patient group.

The manuscript detailing this work is currently in preparation. When it is finally submitted this summer, it will only have been 27 years since Mucha and Henderson first met before they finally coauthored a paper together. You never know who you might end up working with…

Mucha and Malik at Dynamics Days US 2014

Mucha and postdoctoral associate Dr. Nishant Malik both presented at the 33rd meeting of Dynamics Days US, held this past weekend on the campus of Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

  • Mucha’s invited talk was titled “Coevolving voter models on networks”.
  • Malik’s contributed talk (which successfully competed against many more contributions submitted than speaking slots available) was titled “Fluctuation of similarity (FLUS) to detect transitions between distinct dynamical regimes in short time series”.

Special thank yous to the organizers. It was nice to be back and see so many of my old colleagues at GT (where I spent 2001-5, before moving to Carolina).

Presentations at Network Frontier Workshop

Postdoctoral associate Dr. Dane Taylor, former graduate student Dr. Feng Shi, and Mucha all participated at the Network Frontier Workshop held this week at the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems.

  • Mucha’s invited talk was titled “Time-Dependent Generalizations of Hub and Authority Scores”.
  • Taylor contributed a talk titled “Dynamics in Hybrid Complex Systems of Switches and Oscillators”.
  • Shi presented a poster, “Hypergraph Representations of the Social World,” about some of his recent work as part of the Metaknowledge Network.

Thank you to the organizers for putting on a very enjoyable workshop.

Mucha co-organizes SAMSI workshop on Social Network Data

We have just completed a two-and-a-half day workshop on Social Network Data: Collection and Analysis, run as part of the Computational Methods in Social Sciences program at SAMSI (the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute). A big thank you to my co-organizers, Tom Carsey, Steve Fienberg, and Krista Gile, and to all of the invited speakers and participants for helping make this a great meeting. My only regret is that the small setting forced us to turn away so many others who expressed interest in attending this workshop.