Mucha presents at Princeton

Maybe you can’t go home again, but you can go back to grad school, after a fashion that is. Returning to Princeton to visit PACM for the first time in too long, I greatly enjoyed talking about our temporal eigenvector centrality work in the PACM Colloquium.

It would have been fun if the talk had still been in the old seminar room, since that’s the classroom that I learned perturbation methods in, but apparently not well enough since my postdoc and co-author Dane Taylor has since fixed my error in the calculation for our upcoming paper on the topic of this talk. Still, there was enough irony in this presentation for me.

A big thank you to Amit Singer, Yannis Kevrekidis, Phil Holmes, and everyone else I interacted with on this visit.

On the way out, I couldn’t help ducking into the library for this picture.

IMG_0061 copy