Mucha presents at Emory’s Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods

Mucha returned to Atlanta again, this time to speak on “Communities in Networks” in the speaker series at QuanTM, the Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methodsat Emory University. QuanTM’s theme for 2013-14 is “Complex Networks”:

Many phenomena in the physical, biological, social, and humanistic worlds can be understood as network-based. Complex networks represent a point of interdisciplinary convergence: they tend to have similar structural properties, regardless of the originating disciplinary field; they raise similar challenges, such as centrality, robustness, dynamics, and diffusion; and they require similar methodological tools across disciplines. We are pleased to host a series of speakers and workshops related to “Complex Networks”.

Special thank yous to the hosts at Emory, particularly but not limited to Michele Benzi, who all made this a very enjoyable visit.